9 Can’t Miss Details When Planning B2B Events

Improve B2B event attendance while building relationships with your target prospects and existing customers with a few planning tips from the business event experts at Banzai. Keep the following details in mind when planning your B2B field marketing events.


Research the optimal date and time of your event carefully, focusing on your core target accounts. Plan your event for a date and time that maximizes touch-points with your target prospects and existing customers.


Does your concept resonate with your target audience? Your goal is to build the foundation for a potential long term relationship with attendees. B2B sales cycles often require a mindful, long term approach with an early focus on building a relationship with each prospect & customer. Research until you understand your audience’s pain or talking points, and find a way to conceptualize that in your B2B field marketing event.


Event agenda is another important factor that affects B2B event attendance. If your agenda is too long people are less likely to stay for the entire event, or not show up at all. Keep your agenda concise and well thought-out, while touching on the important topics your prospects and existing customers care about. Develop an up-tempo rhythm to keep guests engaged and inquisitive.


Speakers and keynotes are usually the most important factor in acquiring audiences for B2B field marketing events. Select your speakers carefully, taking in to consideration your target audience and a number of other factors. Visualize what kind of persona each speaker candidate could draw, and cross reference with your target prospects and existing customers. Find speakers who are more likely to draw your target audience to your event.


A well catered event puts people at ease and gives people a strong introduction to your brand. You’ll hear praise from attendees while showing your customers & target prospects that you care about their well being. Good food is never a bad thing when you are looking to begin or continue strong relationships with B2B prospects or customers.

Giveaways / Incentives

Think about hot ticket items that are more likely to draw your target audience to your event. If you are in an urban environment, consider giving Uber or Lyft discount codes to make the event easier to get to. If your target audience profile is mostly IT or tech-centric individuals, consider giving away Amazon gift cards or Apple products. Consider your target audience profile carefully and think about incentives that will draw both your target prospects as well as your existing customers.


Although not often recognized as a factor in determining B2B event attendance, parking details can actually make an important statement to your guests. It not only shows you pay attention to details, it also provides a stress-from-travel relief. In a highly populated, dense geo such as Los Angeles or New York city, for example, parking details can make or break a possible registrant attending. Think about how your guests will park at your event, and outline best routes or offer discounted ride-sharing like Uber or Lyft in certain environments.


Venue selection, along with speaker selection, is arguably the most important factor in determining B2B event attendance. Select a venue where your target audience will feel comfortable and allow free, open dialogue among guests and speakers. Understand what your specific audience enjoys at a field event, and cater to their needs with carefully selected venue. Highlight your venue while you outreach to potential attendees. A great venue will make the decision to attend easier for your target prospect or existing customer. Check out this article for event venue ideas in 11 major metro areas across the country.

Registration Page

Your registration page, or web landing page, should highlight the benefits of attending the event for your prospects and existing customers. A great registration page shows nice design elements while introducing the speakers, embracing the venue, and includes key details that make it easier for your attendees to quickly make a decision to attend. It’s recommended to A/B test your pages various design elements to optimize conversion rates for future events.

Banzai partners with marketers to drive the right prospects and customers to attend their events. Our cutting-edge technology takes care of the prospecting, list creation, and outreach to invite and confirm event attendees. Marketing leaders trust Banzai to own the event registration and confirmation process, allowing them to focus on producing a successful, sales-generating event.

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