Event Reminders: Prevent No-Shows with Strategic Messaging

Getting someone to register and attend your event is a lengthy, intricate, and sometimes costly, process. If your guests paid a ticket fee, you can feel assured that a large percentage of registrants will show. For free events, because people will often register without feeling the need to commit, the no-show rate can be as high as 50%.

Event reminders are a crucial step in eliminating the no-show rate by helping your guests stay informed of any important updates or changes, while also keeping your event top-of-mind.

NEW SERVICE: Automated Event Reminder

Banzai is dedicated to helping companies reach their attendee goals through strategic, multi-touch outreach campaigns. Our new event reminder services consist of personalized emails and calls to your registrants. We’ll work with you to understand your unique attendee profile, communicate the value of your event to your registrants, and encourage them to attend.

TIP: Only need emails and no phone calls? No problem! Let us know, and we’ll create a plan that meets your company’s needs.

How It Works

Event Reminder Process

Curious to see how event reminders can impact your event performance? We can’t wait to get started.


Banzai partners with marketers to drive the right prospects and customers to attend their events. Our cutting-edge technology takes care of the prospecting, list creation, and outreach to invite and confirm event attendees. Marketing leaders trust Banzai to own the event registration and confirmation process, allowing them to focus on producing a successful, sales generating event.