The latest updates to the Banzai platform are all about helping you get better insights into your events. Check out the latest updates below: 

Get to know your Customer Success Manager

Get to know your customer success manager

Easily connect with your Customer Success Manager directly from the app. Access their email, phone, and calendar links.

Keep an eye on your event with the Watcher feature

We know how important it is to be get up to date on your upcoming event’s registration progress. You can now receive email notifications when Banzai starts outreach efforts or when Banzai generates a registration.

To start receiving these notifications, add yourself as a “Watcher” to any events that you want to follow. Just click “Watch” in the top, right-hand corner of any event that your organization owns. By default, you will automatically be added as a watcher to any event that you create.

Watchers receive email notifications when important events occur

Banzai Watcher Feature Email Notification

Watchers will receive email notifications when:

  • Their first registration campaign for an event launches
  • The first valid registration is created for the event
  • The event is over, at which point every watcher will receive a link to the final list of registrations

How to add a team member as a watcher

Add a team member as a event watcher

If you’d like other people on your team to follow an event, click the dropdown icon next to “Watch” / “Watching” and search for your team member.

Select any profiles that you want to add as a watcher.

How to remove watchers

To remove yourself as a watcher, just click the “Watching” button in the top right-hand corner of the event.

To remove team members, you can click the “x” next to any name in the watcher dropdown menu. They will stop receiving email notifications immediately after being removed.

View all your event registrations in one place

View all of your registrations in one place

To view all of the people who have registered for any of your events over time, click “All Registrations” in the platform’s top navigation bar.

Mark your event as full

Mark your event as full

Sometimes an event might fill up before a Registration Campaign has been completed.

In order to notify Banzai that an event is now full and cannot handle any more registrations, just click on “Options” then “Event Full.”

This will pause any active registrations campaigns for your event and Banzai will stop all outreach efforts.

How to re-open an event

If you’d like to resume any campaigns, you’ll need to re-open your event by clicking “Options” then “Re-Open.”

You will then be able to restart any registration campaign associated with your event.

Clone your audience profile

clone-audience-profileIf you are like us at Banzai, you produce a lot of events (or webinars) with similar target audience profiles. You can now clone and edit a past audience profile for your upcoming event.

Banzai partners with marketers to drive the right prospects and customers to attend their events. Our cutting-edge technology takes care of the prospecting, list creation, and outreach to invite and confirm event attendees. Marketing leaders trust Banzai to own the event registration and confirmation process, allowing them to focus on producing a successful, sales-generating event.

Target Audience Guide